2019 Unverferth Rolling Leveler Model 75 27' Folding

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Rolling Leveler Model 75 27' Folding



Unverferth Primary Tillage

The Unverferth model 75 Rolling Leveler is the ideal soil-finishing partner to pull behind your primary tillage tool. Its 16" diameter reels feature five spiraled, 3/8" x 3" beveled-edge blades for breaking clods, knocking dirt off rootballs, smoothing residue and leveling ridges for a more receptive spring tillage trip. Save time, fuel and engine hours for lowering your input costs.

  • Save time, fuel and engine hours for lowering input costs
  • Equipped with 16"-diameter reels with five, 3/8" x 3" beveled-edge spiraled blades keep in contact with the soil for ideal leveling and better cleanout in heavier soils or wetter conditions with minimal vibration
  • The spiraled blade design provides optimum leveling action by keeping the blades in contact with the soil for uniform leveling and minimal vibration
  • Features rugged 4" x 6" mainframe for greater durability and 4" x 4" telescoping tongue for easy attachment to the lead implement
  • Heavy-duty, 4-bolt flange bearing with full-length 1¾" diameter shaft for long-term dependability
  • 4"x4" telescoping tongue for easy attachment to the lead implement and retracts for storage Height-adjustable reversible Single tang/Double clevis hitch for easy hookup
  • Top-winding, drop-leg style jack easy parking and storage; the frame mounted lug provides in-field storage
  • 3,000 p.s.i. hydraulics along with hoses with endcaps for keeping hydraulic fluid cleaner
  • Single hydraulics for raising and folding together; dual split hydraulics optional
  • Standard 9.5 x 15 transport wheels with available bolt-on dual wheel option
  • SMV,reflective striping and transport chain are standard equipment for enhanced transport safety
  • Available in powder-coat finish of tractor red or green
  • Available in 12', 15’ and 18’ rigid and 18’, 20’, 22’ 25' and 27’ folding models
  • Narrow 12’ base on folding units
  • Requires approximately 1-1/2 to 2 Horsepower per working foot
  • Optional lighting package for enhanced road transport safety
  • Optional wing-fold lockout valve for use with single hydraulics that disengages wing fold during field operation
  • Model 75 Working Width/Type: 27' folding
  • Transport Width: 13'
  • Transport Height: 11'8"
  • Appx. Weight (lbs.): 2,925



Working Width
27 ft.
2925 lb.

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