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Unverferth Grain Handling

Faster unloading speeds and increased auger reach and height! The 60-Series, side-folding, corner-auger grain carts provide unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute and the fold design allows the upper auger to be longer, providing up to 9' 9" of auger side reach and up to 13' of auger height depending on model. Harvest efficiency is pushed to the max with 1,100 to 750 bushel capacities and an auger design that makes it easy to reach across ditches and fences, even over the tallest trucks and wagons. The compact auger-fold design tucks under the side of the grain cart for ease of transport and storage. An industry-leading design with a wide variety of undercarriage options and accessories. A 60-Series grain cart can meet your operation's demanding needs.

Auger & Downspout
  • Models 860 and 760 features an 18" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 450 bushels per minute
  • Patented Soft-Start auger mechanism ensures smooth engagement of the upper and lower auger sections
  • Fully visible auger fold position indicator to monitor the auger during the entire folding process
  • 7/16" thick auger flighting for long-term, trouble-free operation
  • Electronic balancing of the upper and lower augers virtually eliminates vibration for long-term auger life
  • Two-way downspout is hydraulically controlled with 60-degrees of side-to-side rotation which adds unloading flexibility when filling semis; Optional 4-way downspout adds in-and-out movement for even greater operator control and requires 1 additional hydraulic remote
  • Auger unloading light automatically turns on when the auger is unfolded
  • When unfolded, a hydraulic locking mechanism holds the upper and lower auger together for a leak-free seal during unloading
  • Exclusive, heavy-duty 45┬░ gearbox features an extra-large 1 3/4" output shaft static rated at 330 H.P. and dynamic rated at 153 H.P.
Tank Design
  • Capacities of 1100, 1000, 850 and 750 bushels with steep slopes for handling the wettest grain; Recessed auger sump intake and graphite-coated interior surfaces ensure complete cleanout with faster unloading speeds
  • Model 1160 features a standard weatherguard rollover tarp to protect your harvested crop
  • Hydraulically operated 36" flow gate with highly visible position indicator for controlling grain flow
  • Wheel-operated gravity unloading door for pit dumping and clean-out
  • Front viewing ladder and front and rear shatterproof windows for easily viewing contents
  • The exclusive manufacturing process crimps sides for added strength and a sleek appearance; Exposed seams are silicone sealed for corrosion resistance
  • D.O.T.-approved flashing LED amber and red taillights, reflective marking and SMV emblem for safer transport
  • Durable top coat of high-grade enamel paint is baked on in tractor red or green for a smooth, automotive-like finish
  • The heavy-wall tubular steel main frame and axle and 8-gauge steel underframe carry the heaviest loads with ease while the heavy-duty jack allows for easy hookup and safer storage
  • 10-bolt hubs feature gusseted reinforcement for longer life and the greatest carrying capacity; Field-proven, 4 1/2" spindles with 50-ton rating are manufactured with special alloy, high-tensile strength steel
  • Cast 2" single-tang hitch features a smooth chamfer opening and bushings that fit numerous hitch pin sizes which allows the cart to follow the terrain for smooth trailing
  • Optional Width-adjustbale axle to match your cropping practices
Tire & Track Options
  • High-flotation single wheels and tires available on all models
  • Straddle Duals available on models 1060, 860 and 760
  • 36" wide x 112" Auto-Tension tracks with spring mechanism available on models 1160, 1060 and 860
  • 36" wide x 148" or 131" long track available on model 1160
  • 42" wide x 131" long Equalizer® track for optimum flotation available on model 1160
  • The 36x148, 36x131 and 42x148 track systems feature single-point hydraulic belt tensioning, 40" steel end-wheels with a chamfered edge and cast pivoting mid-rollers that are on the same plane as the end-wheels for the maximum footprint
  • Equalizer Track Features: Industry-leading 42" wide belt and exclusive shallow tread pattern provides a 50+ sq. ft. footprint; Patented pivot point allows the track to pivot side-to-side and front-to-back for maintaining uniform ground contact in uneven terrain; Standard auto-greaser system for automatic application at more frequent intervals
4-Way Downspout
  • Adds in-and-out control to the standard side-to-side downspout for 4-way movement and total operator control
  • Requires 1 additional hydraulic remote in addition to the standard 3 remotes required
Weatherguard Roll Tarp
  • Custom-designed tarps offer the fit, appearance and ease of operation expected on Unverferth equipment
  • Heavy-duty, 18 oz. black canvas for long life
  • Semi trailer locking design for optimum protection from high wind and moisture
  • Low-profile tarp bows are reinforced to eliminate sagging
  • Entire roll-over operation performed from the ground - no straps required
  • Standard on model 1160, optional on all other models
Hydraulic Drives
  • Tongue-mounted for easy installation - the grain cart can still be operated with a PTO if desired
  • Two hydraulic motor capacities depending on model:
  • 100 gallon per minute provides up to a 375 bushels per minute unloading speed and requires 3 sets of hydraulic ports
  • 55 gallon per minute provides up to a 300 bushel per minute unloading speed and requires 2 sets of hydraulic ports
Color Camera
  • 7" color, 12V monitor which mounts in the tractor cab
  • Sideboard-mounted, weather-proof camera to monitor the unloading auger
  • Optional second color camera views rear traffic during transport
Auto-Greaser for Tracked Undercarriage
  • Reduce your daily maintenance on track undercarriages by automatically delivering small amounts of grease to each pivoting joint at more frequent intervals
  • Powered by an electric pump with a 2-liter grease reservoir and programmable intervals
  • Capacity (bushels): 850
  • Minimum Tractor H.P.: 180
  • Loaded Tongue Weight (lbs): 5550
  • Empty Tongue Weight (lbs): 1350
  • Auger Diameter: 18"
  • Unload Speed (bushels/min.): 450
  • Flighting Thickness: 7/16"
  • Hub Size/Spindle Diameter: 10 bolt - 4 1/2"
  • Hydraulic Remotes Required: 3
  • Front/Rear Slopes (degrees): 39 - 34
  • Hopper Length: 16'
  • Hopper Width: 11' 10"
  • Auger Side Reach Max - Measured to Inside Edge of Rubber Spout: 9' 2"
  • Auger Side Reach Min - Measured to Inside Edge of Rubber Spout: 7' 2"
  • Overall Transport Length: 27' 7"
  • Hitch to Center of Axle: 15' 7"
Single Wheels and Tires
  • Measured Undercarriage: Rigid Axle 800/65x32
  • Empty Weight (lbs): 12750
  • Hitch Height: 1' 10"
  • Hopper Height Low Side: 11' 3"
  • Hopper Height High Side: 12' 3"
  • Auger Height with Spout Straight Down: 12' 11"
  • Height to Top of Auger in Unload Position: 17' 11"
  • Width Outside of Tires: 12' 10"
  • Center of Tire to Center of Tire: 10'
  • Under Frame Clearance: 1' 5"
  • Measured Undercarriage: 36"x112" Auto-Tension
  • Empty Weight (lbs): 19200
  • Hitch Height: 1' 5"
  • Hopper Height Low Side: 11' 3"
  • Hopper Height High Side: 12' 3"
  • Auger Height with Spout Straight Down: 12' 10"
  • Height to Top of Auger in Unload Position: 17' 8"
  • Width Outside of Tracks: 13' 7"
  • Center of Track to Center of Track: 10' 7"
  • Under Frame Clearance: 1' 4"



850 Bushel
Loaded Tongue: 5550 lb.; Empty Tongue: 1350 lb.

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